The Blender Girl

On her wildly popular recipe blog, The Blender Girl, cook, writer, and green maven Tess Masters - aka “The Blender Girl” - shares easy plant-based recipes just about anyone can whip up fast in a blender.

Her healthy, allergy-free whole-food concoctions rely on natural flavors and sweeteners, and are all gluten-free. Many are also allergy-friendly, being dairy-, egg-, nut-, soy- and corn-free.

With blending as her guiding metaphor in life, Tess combines varied ideas and concepts, notes and flavors, and philosophies and cultures in order to find a healthy balance for happiness. So The Blender Girl was born, and asks her audience, “What’s Your Perfect Blend?”

The Blender Girl and her recipes have been featured online in the L.A Times, Glamour, Chow, Epicurious, All Recipes, as well as on and in countless other websites, blogs, and publications around the world. Tess is also a regular contributor to the Vegetarian Times, Super Raw Life Magazine, Sophie Uliano, and Go Green America TV.

Tess has worked as a presenter and recipe developer with various food and lifestyle brands such as, Driscoll’s, Crisp Root, Square One Organics, Sprout Living, the Thrive Alive Foundation, and Way Better Snacks, for whom she was also a brand ambassador. In 2012, she partnered with Vitamix as the face of the company’s online technique and recipe videos.

Tess’s magnetic personality, infectious enthusiasm, and down-to-earth approach has made her a go-to personality for mainstream eaters and seasoned vegetarians who share her conviction that natural, healthy food can be easy and fun. 

In January 2013, Pinterest acknowledged Tess’s wide appeal when they featured her, along with Katie Couric, Dr Oz, Paula Deen, Today, Starbucks, Anthropologie, Pottery Barn, Southwest Airlines, Patagonia, Esquire Magazine and 20 other celebrities and brands in a global campaign viewed by millions, 30 Days of Pinspiration.

The publishing industry jumped in next, and in response to widespread interest in The Blender Girl brand, Tess signed a two-book deal with Random House. Her first book, The Blender Girl is the lead title for Ten Speed Press and will be released April 8th, 2014. 

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